HBA Legal launches Paratus – New Force in Claims Management Solutions

Date: June 29, 2017


Legal services pioneer HBA Legal has taken a further step in its journey to improved legal and business solutions with the launch of Paratus, an integrated claims, risk and legal management business.


Paratus is an evolution of HBA’s twenty-year old Customer Assistance Centre (CAC) which passes the baton of being the only claims management business in Australia to integrate legal services in its claims management offering.  Its unique ‘cradle-to-grave’ offering can be customised, or taken as a fixed-fee package.


“Paratus is built on the same principles as HBA, to see each client and situation as unique and requiring of its own solution.  Every claim coming through Paratus follows the quickest pathway to resolution, saving time, money and stress for our client,” said Partnership Director and co-founder Nathan Hepple. “Paratus delivers risk assessment for continual business improvement, and with the full integrated support of HBA’s national legal team, it creates an unprecedented offering to the market.”


The launch of Melbourne-based Paratus comes close on the heels of last year’s soft launch of HBA’s LPO, Newcastle-based Pillion.  Pillion was one of the first tools in HBA’s evolved approach to more efficient and cost-effective services, now providing admin and paralegal services to Paratus (as well as HBA, its clients and local businesses).


Paratus co-founder and managing director Brett Ablong said: “As innovators in the changing legal industry, we see a need for more holistic business solutions. As business partners to our clients, we need to go beyond paper pushing and find tangible improvements. We’re re-thinking the whole game. It’s an exciting time to be working in this space.


“Paratus is a new force in claims management services. We’re saying, we can solve a bunch of business problems, help you manage your future risk, and save you a lot of money along the way.”


Further information or interview, contact:

Michaela Southby, 0401 367 673   michaela.southby@hbalegal.com

hbalegal.com     See more about the founders of Paratus at paratusclaims.com

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