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  • September 30, 2021Federal Court:  AFP Officer not “double dipping”

    Friend v Comcare [2021] FCA 837.   Key Points: Ms Friend had an accepted claim for workers’ compensation under the SRC Act for “gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, adjustment disorder with depressed and anxious mood and panic disorder without agoraphobia”. Ms Friend received $1.25 million in damages for sexual harassment and discrimination allegedly experienced in the […]

  • September 30, 2021When a medical clinic submits summons compliance expenses, what’s reasonable?

    Stekovic and Comcare [2021] AATA 2230.   Key Points: The Tribunal was asked to consider the reasonableness of expenses claimed by a medical clinic for compliance with a summons. The Tribunal found that the medical clinic had not provided sufficient evidence to support the costs claimed. The Tribunal applied the authority in Bestt and Military […]

  • September 30, 2021Full Federal Court confirms compensation not payable where causal nexus between injury and employment no longer exists

    Woodhouse v Comcare [2021] FCAFC 95.   Key Points: The Full Federal Court was asked to decide whether the Tribunal had erred in deciding that Ms Woodhouse’s psychological condition could no longer be said to be contributed to, to a material, degree, by her employment. The Full Court dismissed each of Ms Woodhouse’s grounds of […]

  • September 30, 2021Tribunal confirms physiological change necessary for an “Injury” under Comcare scheme

    QXQH and Comcare [2021] AATA 3036.   Key Points: The Tribunal was asked to consider whether an Executive with Services Australia was entitled to further compensation in relation to a shoulder injury suffered in 2015. The Tribunal found that the original injury was a sprain, without physiological change, which did not constitute an “Injury”. The […]

  • September 17, 2021Tribunal affirms decision to cease compensation to Australia Post employee for 1993 work injury

    Hickey and Australian Postal Corporation [2021] AATA 1521 (20 May 2021).   Key Points: The Tribunal was asked to consider ongoing liability to pay compensation to an Australia Post employee in respect of a lower back injury sustained in 1993. Australia Post produced evidence that the worker would have recovered within three months after the […]

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