Professional Development

HBA invites our clients and your teams to join us for a series of interactive boardroom discussions on current issues in insurance, risk management and practice and procedure.

For the first time, we will run our program nationally making our sessions accessible to everyone regardless of your physical location. For example, a session presented out of Sydney can still be accessed via video link, if you are located in Perth or Brisbane (by attending our Perth or Brisbane office).

Lunch will be provided for the sessions held between 12noon – 2pm.

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Date and Time Presenter Presented From Outline
18 September 2018

1pm (WA)

3pm (QLD, NSW)

Jason Francl

Elizabeth Stoten,

Sydney Suits and Ethics: an overview of legal ethics and interactive discussion of some ethical issues that may arise in the legal profession.
27 November 2018

9am (WA)

11am (QLD)

12pm (NSW)

Natasha Fiodoroff,
Senior Associate
Sydney Lessons to be learned from HBA’s win in  Court of Appeal: Argo Managing Agency Limited v Al Kammessy

The Court of Appeal held the duty owed by the cleaning contractors was to exercise reasonable care to identify and remove potential hazards to their safety.  It was not to guarantee that all hazards be removed.

20 November 2018

1pm (WA)

3pm (QLD)

4pm (NSW)

Iona Sjahadi,
Senior AssociateOlivia Dinkha,


Coralie Young,

Sydney Surveillance / personal injury: surveillance and use of social media in civil claims –investigating claims using social media and surveillance, admissibility and the use of surveillance and social media evidence in Court; sharing successes and failures.
4 December 2018

1230pm (WA)

230pm (QLD)

330pm (NSW)

Rebecca Tloczek,

Lauren McKeown,
Senior Associate

Perth Privilege 101: the concept of legal professional privilege, how it works and practical tips for preventing inadvertent disclosure.
5 February 2019

1pm (WA)

3pm (QLD)

4pm (NSW)

Yen Tan,
Perth The Cyber Insurance Industry

A broad overview on the cyber insurance market, cyber exposures from data breaches and how Australian’s 2018 mandatory data breach notification laws potentially impact Australian businesses and the cyber insurance industry.

12 February 2019

1pm (WA)

3pm (QLD)

4pm (NSW)

Andrew Gulyas,
SolicitorCourtney Burrows,
Sydney/ Perth Chronic embitterment and organisational injustice: is the stress of the compensation process contributing to a rise in secondary psychological claims?  Do workers lodge more work-related stress claims due to perceived injustices?  How do we define and manage stress disorders that don’t fit any psychiatric diagnoses?  This presentation explores, from both a legal and a practical perspective, the impacts of ongoing compensation claims on the recovery of injured workers and the concept of ‘chronic embitterment’. We will also consider how to avoid the pitfalls these issues can create.
19 February 2019

5pm (WA)

Note: due to the time of this session, a separate similar session will be held in Sydney. See below.

Melissa Wroe,
Senior Associate 

Ruth Slater,


Josh Murphy,
Paratus Claims


Jeff Williams,


Perth only Major incident response: insight from key players: we will be joined by a panel of industry experts who will provide invaluable insight into what happens in the event of a major incident. From broker to lawyer: hear from key players about their role in the event of a major incident.
5 March 2019

1pm (WA)

3pm (QLD)

4pm (NSW)

Aimee Daga,

Dr Gemma Edwards-Smith,

Perth Nervous shock claims

Nervous shock claims are not like standard personal injury claims. In circumstances where a person is suffering the ongoing psychological consequences of a life-changing event, it is often difficult to assess the amount of damages that any plaintiff could be awarded.


In this session we will look at the relevant legal principles governing the assessment of damages in nervous shock claims and hear from expert psychiatrist, Dr Gemma Edwards-Smith about her perspective and experience dealing with claims involving this unique issue.

12 March 2019

12pm (WA)

2pm (QLD)

3pm (NSW)

Emma Pugsley,
Founder, CEO
My All Wellbeing
Perth Stress Management: 5 small steps to better self-care: working in our game is challenging and stressful at time. This session will take you through steps to better self-care and manage stress, improve how you feel in the moment and enhance your day-to-day quality of life.