HBA signs Diversity & Equality Charter

Date: July 15, 2020


HBA Legal is the newest signatory to the Law Council of Australia’s Diversity and Equality Charter.

The Charter was developed in 2015 and is a statement of principles to acknowledge publicly a commitment to diversity and equality.

Managing Director Brett Ablong said: “We take our responsibly as an employer very seriously and this is a natural progression of, and very fitting with, the culture we have here at HBA.

“When we talk about diversity, it’s of course about gender, race, different backgrounds and more. But, I think, one of the most important things in business is diversity of thought. It’s diversity of thought that makes a workplace richer, more fulfilling and promotes the challenging of the status quo – and all that put together is a great thing.

“Thanks to the Pro bono & Social Impact Committee for progressing our application and getting us signed up to this worthy initiative,” he said.

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