Sean Hayes to Helm New Player in Claims Management Market

Date: November 8, 2017


Sean Hayes has been announced as director and General Manager of HBA Group’s new claims, legal and risk management business Paratus, launched June this year.


Paratus challenges traditional models of claims management by integrating legal services and continual risk assessment to deliver streamlined, cost-effective services to insurance clients. Hayes was formerly CGU’s National Agencies & Self Insurance Manager driving its Self Insurance and Government Agencies Division. A claims management and lean processes expert with two decade’s experience, Hayes will drive Paratus’ pioneering ‘pathway’ approach which integrates legal and risk expertise from national insurance lawyer HBA Legal, and uses ICT solutions to reduce claims costs across the board for pre-dominantly London clients.


“This is a truly exciting time to be in the claims business,” observed Hayes. “the tide is changing, clients need more for less. Long claims durations, inflated costs are no longer tolerated, and no longer acceptable.  Paratus’ lean process creates great efficiency for clients, we can offer something totally unique through our legal services integration and claims management expertise.


“Lawyers have always been considered the costly part of the equation, but we’re showing that actually, legal integration is the key to cost reduction.”


Co-founder and partnerships director Nathan Hepple said, “HBA Legal has long collaborated with claims managers and TPAs with great success, and will continue to do so. Developing Paratus was a way to evolve the model to suit clients seeking a one-stop-shop. Insurance clients simply need things done more efficiently.  They need to see continual improvement, they need to see costs coming down. That’s where Paratus comes in.”


Paratus is part of the HBA Group, also comprising HBA Legal and administration and paralegal services business Pillion. It opened its Melbourne premises in October this year, and largely services London insurers and underwriters to deliver claims, legal and risk management in one streamlined, cost effective package.





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