Larissa Konopka




Larissa has practised in the insurance space for over 13 years and is one of HBA’s resident experts in Victorian public liability and workers’ compensation.

She was admitted to practice in late 2006 and holds a Bachelor of Laws from La Trobe University.  In addition, she has obtained a Graduate Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety and a Masters of Occupational Health and Safety from RMIT University.  She also holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies, a Bachelor of Social Work and a Graduate Diploma of Arts (Criminology) from the University of Melbourne.


Larissa joined HBA in 2020 from the Victorian regulator WorkSafe Victoria, specifically with Medical Panels. There, she assisted doctors to review workers’ compensation and threshold decisions in relation to public liability/Wrongs Act claims. Larissa also spent time working with the Enforcement Group reviewing investigations in relation to breaches of occupational health and safety laws, and fraud in relation to workers’ compensation claims as well as providing recommendations to prosecute, while assisting with those prosecutions.

Larissa’s career has also involved time with Comcare, Telstra, and one of Australia’s best-known claims handlers.

Her three years at Comcare was spent working in asbestos litigation and workers’ compensation. At Telstra she managed the telco’s in-house workers’ compensation legal function which involved overseeing and reporting on over 130 litigated files, plus drafting and/or reviewing over 300 reviewable decisions each year.  In one financial year alone, Larissa helped Telstra save $20 million by reviewing tail claims, proactive claims management and terminating claims.

Having worked as in-house counsel for the majority of her career, Larissa understands what drives companies (clients) because, in those roles, she has in fact been the client briefing external law firms.  Through her experience working within both private companies and regulators, she is acutely aware of the subtle nuances of both.

Why clients like her

Larissa is a problem solver by nature. She is methodical and structured, and understands there are many factors that influence decisions when matters become litigated. She prefers to find alternative solutions to legal issues that meet the needs of all parties.  She is skilled at reviewing long term files to find resolutions that limit ongoing liability and exposure for clients.