Workers’ Compensation

We help

State and federal workers’ compensation groups, including self-insured licensees under the SRC Act and large Australian corporates.


We solve your problems

HBA has a simple goal: to simplify and solve clients’ problems. We proactively seek improvement (lower costs, lower risk) through creative thinking and early resolution.  We work strategically on all claims no matter how small, with a genuine understanding of the benefits in early resolution and fee structures that encourage it.

HBA’s workers’ compensation experience is unparalleled. Our experts have led the way for decades (40 years combined).  We have an unrivalled knowledge of the schemes’ operating environments, with a sensitivity to our clients’ responsibilities under the schemes (and compliance within the SRCA and Comcare).  And, we add further value via the HBA Way, through:

  • expert legal representation in courts and tribunals (we like to win).
  • strategic legal advice in claims and rehabilitation management.
  • consideration of clients’ commercial needs and the compliance needs of the scheme.
  • work processes that keep costs to a minimum, including strategic use of HBA’s allied businesses within the HBA Group, Pillion (admin services) and Paratus (claims management expertise). experience litigating in every Australian jurisdiction.


Contact us to discuss our unique, fully integrated (cradle to grave) approach to your issues, and our alternate fee structures.