HBA Legal partners with underwriters

HBA is an evolved legal services provider, making its mark through its fresh approach to client service.   We are interested in partnerships where we help deliver on your business goals, through new ways of working together.

We can help you figure out better ways of managing risk and claims, and offer a cradle to grave solution for all your claims and litigation needs.

In short, we create smart solutions for you and your clients, wherever they may be.  We like to add value.


Please give director Nathan Hepple a shout today, so we can get started.


Our unique offering

HBA Legal is part of the HBA Group, also comprising claims management business Paratus, and outsourcing provider Pillion.  Working as a united force, sharing resources,  knowledge and talent, we are uniquely placed to offer seamless solutions and greatly reduced costs.

Paratus is the only business in Australia offering a cradle to grave claims management solution that integrates legal advice, risk management and leading edge claims management.  HBA Legal provides that legal and risk advice, with fixed fee litigation services when needed.

Through our outsourcing provider Pillion, we keep clients’ admin and paralegal costs down, meaning HBA is highly competitive on fees.  We remain an industry leader in alternate pricing models, including fixed fees.


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Don’t forget to visit Paratus for vastly improved claims management solutions.  Jump on the Paratus Pathway – you won’t look back.