Risk Management & Workplace Health and Safety

We help

Clients across the insurance industry, including large self-insured organisations, for Risk Management Advisory, Cybersecurity, Critical Incident Response, Workplace Health and Safety Prosecutions, Privacy, IT Systems Legal Advisory, and Child Protection.


We solve problems

Our approach to legal advice is flexible and tailored to the needs of each client after an engaged and considered consultation. Our primary aim is to ensure our client achieves proactive risk management and maintains organisational resilience.

Risk Management Services

Individuals from the HBA team have vast experience assisting clients with risk management, policy and advice work (over 18 years each for some of the team). Some examples of our work include:

  • Insurance advice.
  • Policy and procedure for risk reporting and governance.
  • Operational guidelines including disease control and needle stick injuries.
  • Whistle blowing guidelines and education.
  • Information management and document control.
  • Privacy and guideline compliance.
  • Practice manuals for volunteers, working with children checks and child protection issues.
  • Public event operational risk management advice.
  • Advice on supplier agreements and contractor arrangements with a view to setting out the clear delegation of responsibilities and risks.
  • Product recall and product liability.

Risk Mitigation Services

We have an expert team of commercial and insurance litigators that can help clients with a risk response strategy. These type of services include:

  • Assistance with insurance notifications and responding to denials of indemnity under policies of insurance.
  • Helping clients to ensure steps are taken to protect privacy, privilege and confidentiality is maintained to the extent permitted by the law.
  • Urgent Court Injunctions.
  • Commercial Litigation.