Professional Indemnity

We help

Accountants, Lawyers, Brokers, Architects, Financial Planners, Engineers …


HBA has a simple goal: to simplify and solve clients’ problems. With this in mind, we work a bit differently from our counterparts. We understand the sensitive nature of professional indemnity work, and create effective claims solutions while protecting your relationships.


We solve your problems

HBA’s national team of senior PI lawyers has a depth of skill enabling:

  • Complex information translated into simple advice you can understand
  • Consideration of your broader commercial concerns
  • A genuine sensitivity to the matter at hand (knowing livelihoods maybe on the line)
  • A rich bank of knowledge, insight and experience to draw from
  • An ability to relate to your business and your client’s challenges.



We work the HBA Way – values based, customer focused, and advanced in our thinking and systems.