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HBA Legal is pleased to offer the services of its resident Notary Public, Rosan Santangelo.  Rosan has been a Notary Public since 2006, helping banks, insurers, corporate clients and individuals with Notary Certificates, the execution of documents and DFAT and foreign embassy authentication.

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In foreign jurisdictions, certain documents used in court proceedings, property acquisitions and company transactions, or for government purposes, require a Notary Public to witness or validate the authenticity of documents.  We can assist you with all stages of this process or a discrete part of it, according to your needs, including:

  • Preparing Notary Certificates
  • Certifying copies of original documents
  • Verifying/certifying company documents and ASIC records
  • Verifying identities and/or signatures
  • Witnessing signatures to local and international documents
  • Securing Authentication or Apostille Certificates from DFAT
  • Arranging the legalisation of documents with a foreign Embassy or Consulate
  • Administering oaths for the giving of evidence

About Rosan Santangelo

Rosan has been a Notary Public since 2006 and a solicitor since 1999.  She has helped clients with information and guidance in relation to the processes and procedures of foreign embassies, consulates and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  Rosan understands that this type of work often requires the precious time of executives, directors and their lawyers.  She is flexible in her approach to attendances and at all times is mindful of the need to ensure Notary Public instruments, authentications and apostilles are secured quickly and efficiently.  Read more about Rosan.

Mobile: 0405 640 654
Direct: +61 (0) 2 9376 1144


Our fees are as per the scale fees pursuant to the Public Notaries Act, 1997, s12 (NSW).  Notaries Recommended Scale of Fees as at 1 August 2016, as published in New South Wales Government Gazette No. 64 page 2258 on 12 August 2016.


Affidavits, Affirmations, Declarations Fee Fee + GST
Administering an oath or affirmation or taking a declaration and signing jurat $116.36 $128.00
Each additional deponent etc at the same time $58.18 $64.00

Deeds or other Unsworn Documents

Witnessing and attesting execution or signing of a deed or other document $116.36 $128.00
Each additional individual, etc at the same time $55.00 $60.50

Verification of copy documents

Examining copies (photographic or otherwise) with original for verification –
per 6 minute time unit, or part thereof
$52.72 $58.00
Notarial Certificate verifying copy document $178.18 $196.00

Notarial Certificates

Preparing Notarial Certificate verifying execution of a document by one individual, and completing the Certificate $178.18 $196.00
Each additional individual at the same time $72.72 $80.00
Preparing Notarial Certificate verifying execution of document by a corporation with declaration and exhibit, and completing the Certificate $345.45 $380.00
Preparing and completing Notarial Certificate not otherwise prescribed – per 6 minute time unit, or part thereof $50.00 $55.00


– away from office or not otherwise provided for
– other matters.
For Notary’s time per six minute time unit or part thereof $50.00 $55.00
For any Clerk per hour (pro rata for proportionate part) $159.10 $175.00
Photocopying, facsimilies up to 15 pages included in above scales, exceeding 15, then per page. $3.00 $3.30


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Rosan Santangelo