Motor Injury Insurance (CTP)

We help

HBA maintains a significant CTP practice in its Perth office, being a member of the legal panel of the Insurance Commission of WA (which runs the Motor Injury Insurance Scheme in WA) and acting for an interstate CTP insurer when motor vehicle accidents occur in Western Australia.


We solve your problems

HBA has demonstrated expertise defending hundreds of CTP claims at all levels, from minor to catastrophic, in all facets of motor vehicle personal injury claims, including:

  •  advice in relation to statutory coverage and indemnity.
  •  recovery interests.
  •  assessment of liability.
  •  apportionment of liability.
  •  assessment of contributory negligence.
  •  assessment of quantum including the applicability of thresholds and deductibles.
  •  dual insurance.
  •  nominal defendant claims.
  •  workers’ compensation recoveries.
  •  nervous shock/psychiatric claims.
  •  choice of law issues.
  •  novus actus.


As is the HBA way, we seek to resolve claims via negotiation, moving to skilled litigation only when necessary.